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Abatement & Mold Remediation Projects

Erie Hall
University Of Windsor ( Errie Hall ), Wi

EAN Construction executed Removal of Asbestos Successfully. In Our scope of work, we oversaw the Removal and disposal of asbestos containing Cementitious sprayed fireproofing and overspray on decks. Our previous experience allowed us to complete this job with no delay.

London Free Press

EAN Construction Group LTD executed removal and disposal of type 3 asbestos. We where able to complete this project with our own air respirators provided. We where able to complete this project with no delay. 

Wenige Expressway Bridge

With our previous experience EAN Constructrion Group LTD was able to perform a full asbestos removal on the underground pipes and bell ducts systems. This job along with all others, was executed and completed with no delay.

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